Take Me All The Way

My head throbbed relentlessly, a pain exacerbated by the glare of the computer screen. I’d been staring at the seemingly infinite sea of words for hours, each mocking me with the cruel reminder that my writing journey was far from over. Desperate for a change of pace, I paused the soothing meditation music and opened Spotify, my fingers instinctively typing in “Kal and King” in the search bar. Our profile appeared, showcasing our debut LP, “Here Comes The Rain.” Memories swirled around me as I scrolled through the songs – each one a testament to our late-night basement sessions and the sweat, blood, and passion that had gone into their creation. One track, “Touch Ya,” resonated deep within me, the melody weaving through my thoughts as if it had never left. I hit play, allowing the intoxicating beat to wash over me. The song transported me back to that dimly lit basement studio in Storm’s old house, the shadows dancing on the walls as Cheez and I melded our energies, crafting a masterpiece from the sonic tapestry of our souls. I repeated the key lyric, “take me all the way,” feeling the magic of those words reverberate through my body. In those days, I’d draw inspiration from anywhere – the visible and the invisible world, grasping at whatever intangible energy the universe was willing to offer. Though the exact moment I conceived those lyrics has faded from memory, I can still see the hazy contours of that session, the warmth of the Hennessy bottle a constant companion as we dove deeper into the creative abyss. With my eyes closed, I envisioned emerging from a long, dark tunnel. Blinding, kaleidoscopic lights greeted me on the other side, the pulsating cheers of the crowd enveloping me like a warm embrace. They marveled at the star I’d become – a supernova forged from my determination to conquer the mountain that had loomed over me since birth. I could feel every emotion, every sensation, as if I were truly standing there at the precipice of greatness – the frisson of anticipation, the electric charge of my dreams about to come true.

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