Super Nintendo Sega Genesis

If my memory serves me correctly, we got our Sega Genesis first, making it the second official gaming console we would own. I still remember the excitement that coursed through my veins as I unboxed the sleek black console, its glossy surface reflecting the light in the room. This system would come to lay down the foundation for anti-glitch cartridges; a complete 180 from our Nintendo NES experience. My life took on a whole new meaning. No longer was I restricted by the looming countdown associated with the random colored scale lines that would plague my television screen while gaming. I felt limitless, free to explore pixelated worlds without interruption, the controller becoming an extension of my own hands. At school, I would overhear conversations about popular games like Sonic the Hedgehog or Mortal Kombat, but I found my comfort in titles that most people would simply browse over. I was never “in with a crowd,” and just because something was hot in the streets didn’t mean I had to cough up $49.99 + tax. I found solace in the underdogs, the hidden gems that only I seemed to cherish. Chiki Chiki Boys, DeCap Attack, and GreenDog The Beached Surfer Dude were iconic video games that, because no one around me gave a shit, I felt I personally discovered. I would spend hours in front of the glowing screen, my fingers dancing across the controller as I navigated through vibrant landscapes, fought off bizarre enemies, and solved intricate puzzles. Each game had its own unique charm, captivating me with their quirky characters and offbeat storylines. These games became active relationships, and my emotional attachment was so deep, I would burst into tears upon beating each one. Every success felt like a breakup, as if I was parting ways with dear friends. My obsession with technology started long before the internet. My life revolved around television, and with Sega holding court, I was eager to expand my console collection. Adding a Super Nintendo to our collection simply repeated the entire process, only this time at a whopping 16 bits. The graphics were crisper, the colors more vibrant, and the sound more immersive. The worlds I explored became more intricate and expansive, drawing me in even deeper. The console’s library of games offered new opportunities for discovery, and I continued to seek out the lesser-known titles that spoke to my soul. I reveled in the challenge of conquering these games, honing my skills with every hard-earned victory.

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