Stepping Carefully

The water dripping from the ceiling seemed to mock me. Arriving at work extra early today, I sat in the dark warehouse, deep in thought over my morning commute. The toilets flushing above me result in a consistent flow of droplets from the pipes hanging near the ceiling, but even this nuisance couldn’t compare to what I experience on my daily route to this factory of sorts. This neighborhood, ridden with heroin needles scattered throughout the sidewalks like ornaments, is a stark reminder of everything I’m in pursuit of escaping. Everyday, as I pass the collection boxes where only 50% of the needles actually get dumped, I’m reminded that there are so many people suffering things unimaginable to me, and I must continue to count my blessings every day. Having recently put together a solidified plan for my TikTok strategy, I held my newly ordered hardcover copy of “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming” close to my chest, thankful for having suffered the process of not just creating the book, but ultimately living the life that taught me the lessons that I’m sharing. There’s a sense of calm that I can’t explain in knowing what I’ve done with my life, and the road that’s wide open in front of me. My creativity has only blossomed with time, and I’m witnessing a rebirth within myself that could have only been the result of the pressure cooker that life has become for me. Every day, as I make my way from the train station to the warehouse, I step carefully across the sidewalk, understanding that one misstep could cost me my life. Infected needles have become a metaphor in my pursuits, and I’m gliding across the streets to a new life. A life where I can share my message with millions of people who need it. A life where I can inspire others to overcome their challenges and chase their dreams.

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