I was relaxing at home, taking in a moment of solitude while I went through my Spotify playlist. Years of memories and moments were encapsulated in the songs that filled my account, with each track representing a unique piece of the journey that had brought me to where I am today. My finger hovered over the play button as I found the band Silversun Pickups. It was fascinating how they shared the same initials as the Smashing Pumpkins, one of the greatest bands of all time. As I pressed play, the raw, emotional sound of their guitars and drums instantly grabbed my attention, and I felt a deep connection with their music. The soulful voice of their singers resonated with me as if it were echoing my own thoughts and feelings. The song “Kissing Families” began to play, and I couldn’t help but get lost in its captivating melody. The lyric “soon you’ll be there too” reverberated through my mind, urging me to think about the people who had inspired me throughout my life to chase my dreams relentlessly. I thought of my brother, and his undeniable talent and charisma, which allowed him to dominate the stages of The Apollo. His passion showed me that our family was capable of great things and that I could pursue my dreams on a large scale too. My mind drifted to Alonzo, my loyal friend who had fearlessly followed me into the world of radio. Together, we created over 600 hours of engaging content, solidifying our bond and proving that teamwork and dedication could make a powerful impact. I couldn’t forget the Bushwick royalty like Anthony Ramos and Rick Gonzalez, who had defied the odds and inspired an entire generation of youth in our neighborhood. They proved that being from the hood was no barrier to success and that we were only limited by our own determination and will to achieve greatness. As the song played on, I imagined an ethereal spotlight shining down on me from the heavens, beckoning me to join the ranks of those who had inspired me. I could almost feel its warmth and brilliance as the lyrics “soon you’ll be there too” played in perfect harmony with my thoughts. I knew deep down that something monumental was on the horizon, and I could sense the universe acknowledging my presence in ways I had never experienced before. The day would come when I would earn my place amongst the greats, basking in the spotlight that had guided and inspired me for so long.

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