Small Stage Big Dream

The next gig we played was a far cry from the Blue Parrot Lounge. The stage was smaller, the lights dimmer, and the crowd, well, it was practically non-existent. It was just a handful of people scattered throughout the room, barely paying attention to us as we took the stage. This was the first reality check of many that Morning View would give me. As we started playing, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment. Where was the roar of the crowd? Where was the energy that I was growing accustomed to? I looked out into the audience and saw blank faces staring back at me, barely moving to the rhythm of the music. My ego took a hit, and I could feel myself starting to slip into a negative mindset. As we played on, I could feel the energy in the room slowly start to shift. The few people in the audience started to tap their feet and nod their heads, and before I knew it, they were engaging with our performance. It wasn’t the same as a packed room, but it was something, and I was grateful for it. By the end of our set, the few people in the audience were on their feet, cheering and applauding us. It wasn’t a standing ovation, but it was enough to make me feel like we had accomplished something. We had played our hearts out, even in front of a small crowd, and that was all that mattered. But I was on a small stage with big dreams, and I was beginning to see that you can only go so far pretending to be someone else.

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