By this point in my life, the exhilarating sounds of skateboard wheels grinding against concrete and the rebellious lyrics of Rage Against The Machine had become the soundtrack to my days. My newfound obsession with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater had not only consumed my time but had fueled a fire inside me, a burning desire to launch my very own skating brand, Showtime Trademark. With each Ollie I landed and each grind I executed, I grew more determined to turn this dream into reality. As I skated through the streets, I couldn’t help but chuckle when my beeper would vibrate with 911 messages from ex-girlfriends trying to reach me. I had become a master of multitasking – skating, promoting my brand, and managing my personal life, all at the same time. I was relentless in my pursuit of success, plugging Showtime Trademark at every possible opportunity. My confidence soared, even though deep down, I knew I was in denial about the true potential of my brand. That summer, I nearly broke my arm attempting to tag the wooden benches outside. The pain was a stark reminder that if I were to make it in the music world, I needed the use of my arms to play guitar. It was then that I decided to take a step back from my skating endeavors and assume the role of an executive producer for Showtime Trademark. With youthful naivete and an unshakeable drive, I crafted a plan to compete with the polished “bail” videos featured at the end of each Tony Hawk game. I knew nothing about business, but my ambition was unmatched. I was willing to put myself out there, no matter the cost. The skating brand I envisioned would create edgy, captivating content that would inspire skaters around the globe. Unfortunately, Showtime Trademark never quite took off the way I had imagined. It eventually fizzled out, becoming just another abandoned website on GeoCities. However, those who witnessed my journey couldn’t help but be impressed by my ability to create such a presence in such a short amount of time.

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