Show Me How To Live

I had mastered the art of bouncing back. That skill was developed throughout my years of hitting the bottom. Now, I’m mastering the art of not having to bounce back at all. The pace in which I’ve been able to not only control my emotional reactions to the situations in my life, but conquer myself in the process is a testament to my spiritual growth. I’m connected to God, and by all accounts, I have my sobriety to thank for that. The taste of those ice cold beers I used to drink daily has long disappeared, and all that’s left are the memories that I’m thankful for, and the lessons that came with them. I’ve also learned that when you are this in tune with the higher power, you never quite feel alone. Having lost what I’ve lost, one would imagine how lonely it can be at times. But I’ve come to understand that it’s better to be alone then to be somewhere you aren’t wanted or appreciated. These days, I’m able to look back, and see how my spirit was consistently drained by the lies that surrounded me. How could anyone thrive in that environment? It’s nearly impossible. Yet, the more I sensed the disconnect from the love around me, the more my spirit told me to focus on myself, my career, and the place that God was guiding me to. That’s how this blog came to be. That’s how I was able to write my book, “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming”. That’s how I managed to regain my position within the entertainment industry, which has placed me exactly where I need to be for the next chapter of my life. I see it all clearly now, and while this life lesson came at the expense of me ever fully being able to trust someone again, there’s no other place I rather be right now. You see, the attempts I witnessed of people trying to “give me away” to the highest bidder seemingly backfired. These people never knew what was best for me because they never really knew me. They only knew the version of me that they created in their mind, and kept tucked away to further manifest the hatred they felt for me in their heart. They needed that balloon of rage of grow until it popped, and fed it lies everyday while trying to put out the light that was growing within me. And instead of it being anyone on their list of people that would better suit someone of my caliber, it was God himself that chose me, and took me places in my life that I could’ve never reached being buried in that toxicity. So my advice to anyone who understands what it’s like to be pushed off a cliff, all you have to do is not be afraid to spread your wings. God will show you how to live. So keep your vibrations high, and receive your blessings accordingly.

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