Storm would focus more on Weekend Work, a show on Sirius XM’s Shade45 and a client of Purfek Storm Group. Every week, Coach PR and DJ Caesar would interview celebrity guests in the world of Hip Hop, and as Sirius XM is a membership platform, live video would not be an option at the time. My role as a visual producer would be to accompany Storm on a weekly basis to Sirius XM’s headquarters in Midtown, film interviews, and edit and distribute them as promotional videos. Since it is a live broadcast, the speed at which each video is edited would determine the relevance of the content. The faster the video goes out to the public, the closer the gap is to when the interview actually happened. Knowing the challenge ahead of me, I braced myself, fully understanding that stepping inside the doors of Sirius XM would open me up to a world of celebrities that I had not yet fully seen. Spending my early years as an active listener of Howard Stern, I envisioned the thrill of being close to his studio. I would sip my drink and get lost in thought over the possibilities of this new venture. Looking to make a name for myself in any way possible, I put my artistry to the side and fell into my role as a producer. Both Coach PR and DJ Caesar had always treated me with a high level of respect and warmth, and I wanted to be an essential element in taking their careers to the next level. What happened next would change the course of my life.

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