Roach The Realtor

I never thought I’d become a real estate agent, but after getting hooked on “Million Dollar Listing”, I couldn’t resist. Zo and I took classes, and I took the test and passed with flying colors. Suddenly, I was a licensed real estate agent, with all the knowledge of appreciation and depreciation at my fingertips. At first, I was excited to dive into the world of real estate. I spent days alone in empty apartments, imagining the potential for each space. I could see the grandeur and beauty in every room, and I couldn’t wait to find the perfect buyer. But as time went on, the cancellations piled up, and the potential clients stopped returning my calls. I became frustrated, stuck in a never-ending cycle of disappointment. It was during this time that I began to use my real estate license for more than just selling properties. I started attending open houses, searching for free food and drinks to fill the void of my empty schedule. The city became my playground, and I found myself traveling from one open house to another, always in search of the perfect appetizer or cocktail. But no matter how much I tried to distract myself, the reality of my situation always came crashing back down. I was a struggling real estate agent, with no clients and no prospects. I felt like a failure, lost in a sea of empty apartments and broken dreams. It wasn’t until I returned to the hood, to my old stomping grounds, that I found solace. I spent most days day-drinking, drowning my sorrows in self-pity, all while planning for an uncertain future.

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