The evening sun filtered through the blinds, casting a warm glow on the living room as Brenna sat on the couch, scrolling through her social media. She’d often show me posts from Terry Deron, a renowned relationship coach with over 200k followers on Instagram. We often discussed his takes, and sometimes found his advice beneficial in working on our marriage. With our baby growing inside Brenna, we knew we needed to strengthen our bond before becoming parents. My new podcast, “Roach TV,” had but a handful of viewers, but my marketing ability would make it seem larger than life. Although I had been reluctant to return on-air after the downfall of FirstLive CoffeeHouse, I had been working tirelessly to build a high-quality visual presentation using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio). It allowed me to podcast in audio format while providing a clean and polished video. As I sat on the other side of the couch, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of inspiration. Maybe it was the sunlight, or perhaps it was the sight of Brenna happily browsing her phone, but I suddenly found myself brimming with confidence. I decided to reach out to Terry Deron and invite him to be a guest on my show. I spent the day carefully crafting the perfect pitch, leveraging my expertise in marketing and branding to make an irresistible offer. To my surprise and delight, Terry responded promptly and agreed to be on the podcast. I couldn’t wait to share the news with Brenna. I could feel the anticipation bubbling inside me, a mix of nerves and excitement. Brenna, unaware of the surprise I had in store, was cozily wrapped in a blanket, her eyes fixed on the TV screen. With a sly grin, I turned to her and said nonchalantly, “Oh, by the way, I booked Terry Deron for an interview tomorrow.” Brenna’s eyes widened in shock, and she turned to face me, her jaw dropping slightly. “You did what?” she exclaimed, her voice a mix of disbelief and awe. I nodded, the corners of my mouth curling up in a proud smile. “Yep. He’ll be live on the air with me tomorrow, talking about our marriage.” Brenna burst into laughter, a mixture of nerves and excitement. For so long, my alcoholism had clouded my life, making me doubt my own abilities. But this small victory reminded me that the power I sought had always been within me. I just needed to harness it and continue on my journey toward healing and self-improvement.

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