Ready And Willing

I’ve come to the realization that my “needs” will forever keep my “wants” at bay, and with this, I’ve become more comfortable than ever before in my solitude. This wasn’t simply the story of a man consumed with the spotlight, but rather the journey of a spiritual awakening. The words that I write on this blog are not only for your entertainment, but your enlightenment. For some reason, I woke up one day as a child and decided that I was going to do everything in my power to conquer the biggest stages in the world, and as the world continued to evolve, so did I in my pursuits. I’ve seen firsthand the power that simply being in the moment has had on me, and so I spend less time “on the scene”, and more time locked away from the world. I put myself through the extreme process of taking accountability for all of my actions and transgressions, and did so on a public forum that I created for mass consumption. Yes, my daughter is first and foremost at the front of my global audience, as it is because of her that I decided to do all of this. I documented my journey from the beginning, after my extreme bouts with DMT left me with a decalcified pineal gland that allowed me to uncover memories that I had suppressed for far too long. I wanted her to grow up and know who her father was a person, and not simply a figure in her life. But within this process, I stumbled upon a therapy of sorts that continually serves a purpose in my life. When I write, I feel free of this world. Every word, every post, brings forth a sense of clarity and satisfaction in knowing that the breadcrumbs of my life that I leave behind can be easily accessible when needed. I don’t have to comb through my memory banks, or sift through old hard drives and YouTube accounts. Dominate The Globe has become the place where you can come to learn what is on my mind, without ever having to speak a word to me. Every day that I log in, and take a peak at the backend statistics which showcase how many users were reading my story on any given day, I find my wings of motivation spreading apart, guiding me toward the next chapter of my life. This triple album I’ve been quietly working on, “RAW”, which stands for “Ready And Willing”, is a testament to the fact that I have been doing this for so long, and that my journey and my life have become one in the same. There is no separation between me and my pursuits, and I embody my bigger picture with every second of life that I am given. I’ve made amends with my past, and have come to accept that I am, in fact, worthy of everything that God has bestowed upon me. The talent, the intellect, the marketability, all gifts from a higher power that I don’t take lightly. The 33 songs that will be featured on this release document the various phases of my life, starting back to my earliest teenage years, playing acoustic guitar alone in my room. My ability to tell a story will stretch far beyond the scope of this blog, and what you will come to witness is the manifestation of waking up for nearly 38 years, and truly believing that I was destined for more. I no longer compare myself to others, and when it comes down to the question that I’m often asked, “what exactly do I believe I am the greatest at?”, the answer may very well shock you. I am the greatest choice that God could have made when choosing who to give this responsibility to. The universal power gave me all the tools needed to impact the world, and a relentless spirit that will stop at nothing to achieve. So when I take the stage once again, guitar in hand, “ready and willing” to sing the soundtrack to my human experience, you can count on the fact that the thoughts that consume my mind in that moment will be readily available to you here, on my blog; the little corner of the internet that I call home.

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