Reading and Writing

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Typically, I would use my commute as a time for meditation, or distraction. With my cell phone always in hand, I was no stranger to doom scrolling. But recently, I found myself within the New York City subway system, deeply engaged in a copy of “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming”. As I combed through the chapters that were once the focal point of my time, I began to remember the process of putting this book together, and how those long nights working security had served a great purpose. The solitude that I found myself in made it easy for me to escape mentally, and dive deep into the ideas and metaphors that I would define in crafting this guide. I started to think about Dominate The Globe, and how back in those days, the only work completed was the barebone structure of what this blog would become. In this moment of self reflection, I came upon an idea that seemed so simple, yet so effective. I had spent all of this time writing; the book, and the blog. But these things are only as meaningful as the lives that they change, and the people that they connect with. My attempts to gain mass exposure have always fallen short, and without a proper budget in hand, I found myself looking for any way to turn sweat equity into a profitable venture. Then like a smack in the face, it hit me. Read. Instead of promoting your work on TikTok, just read on TikTok. Read your story. Read your lessons, and you will find your audience. The moment this thought came into my mind, I could visualize my audience reaching heights I had never seen, and so I began to work. This would require a complete overhaul, as there have been many technical issues with the blog behind the scenes. But do not worry. I’m currently in the process of a reconstruction, and when all is said and done, the next phase of this masterpiece will be glorious.

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