With drinks in my system, I was beyond my own control. I spent 15 years free-falling into an abyss that always ended with a headache in the morning and a lot of questions to answer. I wouldn’t have been able to create this blog without getting sober. It’s only through having clarity that my self-deprecation has comedic value. I’ve had to comb through my entire existence and make sense of it all, and the more I dug, the clearer things became. I’m approaching one year sober as I write this, and the further away I get from what was, the more I’ve grown to appreciate it. I am but a collection of experiences, molded by the people who the universe saw fit to put in my life, and the psychedelic journey that removed my blinders, and showed me the value of the life I’ve lived. You have all played a part in my story, and although this abridged version is far from everything, I’ll save what’s left for late-night television. I’m crazy enough to believe that I have been destined for greatness; an unwavering notion. And now, sober, clear-minded, and relentless, this truth remains. In this one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll read stories, hear audio, watch videos, and be guided by yours truly through the many phases of my life as I attempt to achieve what so many have deemed impossible. Welcome to the official blog of Dominate The Globe, the story of my life, and the inspiration behind “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming”. Join me down the rabbit hole of my existence, and witness the power of manifestation in real-time.

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