Ever since I sobered up and started this venture called Dominate The Globe, my life has been an unending saga of self-discovery. It’s like standing on a precipice, ready to dive into a fathomless pool of thoughts and ideas, swimming around in contemplation of what’s to come. I’ve spent countless hours in my dim-lit living room studio, a cup of coffee as my sole companion, reflecting on the daunting task of the impending press run for the #PutTheBottleDown campaign. Sharing my story with the world, lifting the veil off my personal struggles with alcoholism and addiction, it’s a strange mix of emotions. On one hand, it’s exhilarating, like standing on a stage under the bright lights, ready to perform, to share my life and truth with the world. On the other hand, it’s terrifying, like stepping into a dense forest, not knowing what lies ahead. In the world of addiction and alcoholism, we aren’t just “preaching to the choir”. We are warriors, standing in the arena, laying bare our scars and battles. Alcoholics Anonymous groups are filled with brave souls, each one sharing stories that echo through the hearts of those listening. I’ve always had the courage to take center stage, but this platform, this challenge, it’s a mountain that I’ve yet to conquer. In the realms of music and graphics, I was the maestro. I could orchestrate the notes, guiding them into a symphony of sounds, captivating and powerful. With visuals, I was the auteur, each frame meticulously crafted, capturing and translating emotions into colors and movements. But this new chapter of Dominate The Globe, it’s a wild sea, unpredictable and vast. As the dates of the press tour loom closer, my resolve hardens. I look forward to sharing my journey from the abyss of addiction to the heights of redemption with a global audience. Yet, the stakes are high and the demons of the past still whisper. I tread carefully, avoiding situations that could trigger my vulnerabilities, the lure of the bottle that once held me captive. Instead, I find solitude, a peaceful fortress that shields me from the noise of the world. I continue to build my existence around the principles of sobriety and self-awareness. Every day, I step further into this unchartered territory, a journey into the heart of the storm. But with every step, I’m guided by the compass of my experience and the lighthouse of wisdom. And at the end of it all, there’s this unwavering faith that through this storm, I will find my way to the top.

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