Wrapping up the final scenes of Pale Blue Light felt like the ending of a relationship. The process of producing this pilot became personal to me, as my involvement in this project opened up another avenue in generating a “pop”. This was a Bowfinger moment, and my on-screen performance was just enough to increase the level of my self-belief. I was adding “actor” to my list of growing accomplishments, prepared to use the knowledge I’d obtained to progress my career in the entertainment business. The Durans are a family of craftsmen, and together they formed a unit worthy of the reddest carpets in the world. Our respect was mutual, and the various scenes we shot that day served as a reminder of the journey in its entirety. Having insider knowledge of what songs would be featured on the soundtrack, I jammed along in my head, as my mouth spewed the lines written out for my character. Eddy put himself on the line to bring this vision to life, and whether the pilot was well-received or not, I knew that I was a part of something special. Our bond was growing, and the creative trust we shared allowed for content to remain king.

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