My boy Rudy was finally tying the knot, and I couldn’t be happier for him. It was the first time in years that the original members of Path to Orion, my first band ever, would be in the same room. I was excited to see all the familiar faces, including my brother Angel, Christian, Eddie, Little Eddy, and of course, Rudy. I was dressed to impress, with Brenna by my side, and as the festivities began, I headed straight to the open bar. The drinks flowed freely, and as the night wore on, memories of my early high school years flooded back. I remembered the days spent in a musty basement, singing Incubus tunes with fellow fans and aspiring musicians. It was a simpler time before the pressures of adulthood took over. But tonight, for a few hours, we were all transported back to that place. I laughed and joked with my old friends, catching up on lost time. It felt like nothing had changed, even though so much had. We made plans to enter the studio once again and approach the creative process as a collective in hopes of rekindling the chemistry we once had musically. But as the drinks kept coming, Alex started to fade away, and Roach took over. I could feel the worst of me starting to surface, and I knew it was time to make our exit before I made a complete spectacle of myself. As Brenna and I made our way out of the wedding, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of longing for those simpler times. The night had been a reminder of what was important in life – the people we care about and the memories we make with them. I was grateful for the opportunity to be with my boys, the people who had inspired me to become an artist in the first place, even if for one night.

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