With all the madness surrounding me, I continuously dedicated my Sundays to Gizzi’s. Sunday Night Screenings remained in full effect, and with major changes happening in my life, I deemed it necessary to bring in outside help. Already a friend, I trusted Jonathan Duran would do a fine job in running and hosting the event while I focused on other aspects of my career. This would be the first time that I truly embrace my role as a producer and effectively delegate responsibility. As expected, JD took to the position like a fish to water, and his newfound power as curator and host would grow his connections as a writer and actor. Without a hiccup, Sunday Night Screenings continued forward, well enough to the point where my attendance would no longer be required, and I could sit back confidently while this creation of mine takes on a life of its own. I became comfortable with growth and welcomed it with open arms. In doing so, I put myself into a position to execute the next idea; one that is soaking in originality. No longer would I hide in the shadows of more successful people. I was to finish out my obligations with the tribute, and become “the superstar I was destined to be”.

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