Organizing my life was no small feat. While a lot of the videos I had uploaded throughout my career were originals and timestamped, the vast majority of the stuff I had published had, at one point or another, been taken off the internet. I was notorious for posting and deleting my content, being momentarily inspired only to come crashing down later on. I had lost a huge chunk of media over the years, including my Roach TV videos from my days at Purfek Storm Group. Everything was on my old iMac, which was a casualty to the FDNY when they hosed down my burning apartment in Harlem. Along with the Roach TV videos were a huge number of Bud and Roach Show live broadcasts, which were hidden in a hard drive during the dark days of my drunken ego. I combed every drive, every email, looking for ways to piece together this story. I used METADATA from old files to find out creation dates, using this hidden information as a benchmark for constructing the chronological aspect of this project I was working on. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but I knew that this work had to be done. Day in and day out, I chiseled away at this mountain of information, trying to make sense of it all. I downloaded a METADATA reader to analyze my old photos, videos, and files. I wanted to include these precious artifacts in the story I was writing, but they needed to be placed in the correct order to create a coherent narrative. Each time I uploaded a file into the METADATA reader, it displayed crucial information about that file: the date it was created, the device used, and even the location where it was captured. This allowed me to piece together the timeline of my life with greater accuracy than ever before. I felt like a digital archaeologist, digging up fragments of my past and painstakingly putting them back together. I spent countless hours scrolling through the metadata of each file, cross-referencing it with my memories and other evidence I had managed to gather. Occasionally, I’d find a file that had a “eureka” moment – a long-forgotten video or picture that was the missing link in my personal timeline. As I delved deeper into my digital past, I realized how much of a mess my life had been. But there was something cathartic about the process. I was purging my past demons and rebuilding my story, creating a solid foundation for my future. Bit by bit, I started to see the bigger picture. From the hazy days of Sunday Night Screenings at Gizzi’s in West Village to the rise of my Incubus tribute band, Morning View, it all started to come together. I uncovered hidden gems of the Bud and Roach Show, which only fueled my motivation to create a captivating story. My life was now laid bare before me – a digital collage of experiences, both good and bad. I finally had the structure I needed to tell my story.

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