Opening The Portal

I sat near the edge of the bed, the light from the MacBook screen illuminating my face. Glued to the comment section of a video I had posted 13 years ago, I watched strangers argue with each other over whether or not my impression of a Scarface scene was the best they had ever seen. One particular comment stood out to me, in which a user wrote: “I think what this dude lacks in sounding exactly like Pacino, he makes up for it in attitude. I’ve seen tons of impressions over the years, but all of them have been parodies. This dude literally BECAME the characters. It’s not just about knowing the lines, or having the voice..this dude ‘gets’ what the movie, and character were really about. Much respect.” I sat in the dark and thought about my journey in the film industry, starting out with cheap VHS recordings of movie impressions and faux Kung-Fu flicks, to running Sunday Night Screenings, the short film festival that, for it’s time, had taken over the independent film screening market, and dominated the West Village section of New York City. My connections with Bud and Roach guiding me into the entertainment industry where I found my home at Purfek Storm Group, management to the stars. Starting Global Domination Productions, and the process of scripting a film ever-evolving in my mind. The massive connections that I’ve accumulated to streaming networks, crew, and talent, all at my fingertips. The raw and natural talent that I possess to amaze an audience has been sitting at the pit of my stomach for far too long, and as my divorce settles, and this new chapter of my life truly begins, I’m ready for everything that is coming to me. I’m literally watching the stars align for me in real-time, and regardless of how much I can write about what my life is like, nothing would ever compare to the feeling of actually living this. Seeing it all happen, and gaining more and more insight about yourself and the surrounding world in the process. I told myself as a child that I would one day make it to the big screen, and with a triple album in the works, multiple films in production, and full access to the world at large, and it’s not hard to see where this is all headed. This was always where I was headed, and I never lost sight of it. I’ve grown to have a thick skin, and from everything that I’ve seen and witnessed, that’s exactly what you need to reach what I’m reaching for. I’ve been quietly working, documenting my life for the blog while pouring love into the very things that are going to make this blog live up to it’s name. The minute I reach my pinnacle, millions of you are going to comb through every word I’ve ever written. You’re going to watch every video I’ve ever posted, and fall in love with the moments in time in which you had no idea I existed. But I was here, doing this, entertaining you before you even knew you needed it. You’ll become obsessed with the story, and quite frankly, I want you to. I want you to see me the way that I see me, so that you understand what God did when he brought me down to this world. No more hiding. I’m opening the portal, and letting the spirit of the universe use me as the ultimate tool to show you what is possible when you never stop believing in yourself.

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