On To The Next One

As Alonzo and I walked into FirstLive, the familiar atmosphere enveloped us like a warm embrace. We had spent countless nights here, sharing drinks and laughter, celebrating our small victories and nursing our defeats. The dimly lit bar area, with its neon signs and custom made counter, had become a sanctuary for us. It was a place where we could let go of the burdens of the day and just be ourselves. We settled onto a couple of barstools, and I couldn’t help but smile as the bartender recognized us and gave us a knowing nod. He knew our drinks without even having to ask – a shot of whiskey and a cold beer each. We raised our glasses in a toast, a silent acknowledgment of the journey that had brought us to this moment. As the fiery liquid slid down my throat, I felt a sense of relief washing over me. The lawsuit had been a weight on our shoulders, and it was finally over. I could still hear the attorney’s words ringing in my ears: “They’re suing because you guys look and sound famous. But in reality, you’re broke and people don’t know you.” It was a harsh truth, but one that only served to fuel my determination to succeed. Alonzo and I clinked our beer bottles together and took a long, satisfying swig. I looked around the bar and let the sounds of laughter and clinking glasses wash over me. This was the place where we could forget the world outside and just be present in the moment. As we sipped our beers and reminisced about the old days, I could feel the weight of the lawsuit slowly fading into the background. We had weathered that storm, and we would come out stronger on the other side. I couldn’t help but think back to all the work I had done and undone after receiving those papers. Hours spent going through every episode we had ever published, changing icons and making sure nothing would ever put us in that position again. It had been grueling, but I had pushed through it, determined not to let this setback hold us back.

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