Nothing Was The Same

Between Bud and Roach Show, Sunday Night Screenings, and being married to a fellow artist, nothing in my life was the same. The woes of Morning View had been long forgotten, and with a growing arsenal of original songs, I saw an opportunity to dominate the radio world. With Sunday Night Screenings, we had been confined to the space inside Gizzi’s Cafe. Networking events can only hold so many occupants; an issue we would not confront using radio technology. If our show generated a large global audience, then I could “break myself” as an artist, as being co-host and producer allowed me to inject myself into any part of the show. At home, our bedroom was littered with art. Brenna’s book collection became an extension of our headboard. Paintings created tiny gallery showings on our walls. Guitars hung on anchors next to old posters of past gigs. My whiteboard, graffitied with upcoming plans for our newest quest, would act as an extension of my cell phone and computer, where I would execute said ideas. Our radio debut would generate local buzz, and our neighborhood was locked in. I’d obsessively listen back to the broadcast, taking notes on everything I want to do differently for the next one. The high from a successful broadcast would last a few days, and by week’s end, the urge for episode 2 was too much to bear. There was excitement in our apartment, as turning our living room into Bud and Roach Show headquarters brought the entertainment industry to our doorstep. We were onto something.

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