My separation from Brenna was news around the office, and I spent my days looking for any sort of distraction to accompany my alcoholism. Night after night, I paced around my empty apartment, blasting music, and chugging Heinekens, waiting to head back to the office the following day. The entertainment business had become my only purpose, and I shut out the rest of the world in my pursuit of fame. That’s when I met Brittany. When she walked into Purfek Storm Group offices, the chatter within the offices stopped, and everyone’s curiosity was as piqued as my own. A Marilyn Monroe-type figure, she walked elegantly across the dark hardwood floor as she was escorted to the back room. I would get a visit from a fellow employee, the man responsible for finding her, asking for my assistance in this private showcase. “Can you play this Norah Jones song on guitar in the next 5 minutes?” No stranger to a good challenge, I gladly accepted and looked up the guitar chords online. As I made my way back to the room, I got a closer look at Brittany. She possessed all the star quality you could ever ask for. Her voice was that of an angel, and she commanded the room with her presence. As we performed together for the first time, I became lost in my own fantasy. I imagined a world where I was as big a star as I felt she was in that moment. I wanted to get closer to her, and with my relationship with Brenna drawing further apart, Brittany became the embodiment of the glitz and glam I craved from the entertainment industry.

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