As the gentle glow of my computer screen illuminated the room, I began to type with a sense of urgency. I had been writing like a madman, hell-bent on recounting and coming to terms with the 15 years I spent with my head down a bottle every night. It was as if alcohol had acted as a veil, hiding away the emotions and pain tied to the trauma I had experienced in my life. Each keystroke felt like a cathartic purge, but it wasn’t always easy. There were moments when I found myself outside, chain smoking cigarettes, lost in thought as I tried to make sense of the chaos. The smoke danced around me, carrying the weight of my memories into the night sky. My fingers trembled with the aftershocks of my writing sessions as I took a long drag, allowing the nicotine to soothe my frayed nerves. Some days, the darkness threatened to swallow me whole. The enormity of my past and the gravity of facing it head-on became almost unbearable. It was then that I turned to meditation music – a saving grace amidst the turmoil. One video on YouTube, in particular, became my solace: the 3-6-9 Code by Nicola Tesla. With nine hours of repetitive music and calming frequencies, it served as a lifeline that tethered me to my goal. I would play the video, and as the soothing sounds washed over me, my thoughts seemed to take on a pattern, a rhythm that allowed them to flow effortlessly from the recesses of my mind onto the computer screen. Each note, each frequency seemed to unlock another part of me, revealing truths I had long hidden away. The music became the key that unlocked the shackles of my past. As the worst parts of me were laid bare in my writing, a sense of hope began to emerge from the shadows. The burden of the past felt lighter, and the path towards the future seemed brighter. I was eager to embrace the creative journey that lay ahead, one that would outshine all that came before.

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