I stared at my computer screen in disbelief. A message from someone who had seen the Black Heart Inertia videos on YouTube came across my Facebook feed, and they had a band in Long Island ready to go for an Incubus tribute. Was this really happening? After all the disappointment of the failed project, I couldn’t believe that something like this was actually falling into my lap. I had to meet with this guy. I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away. I quickly replied to the message, setting up a meeting for later that week. But first, I had to focus on the New Century Awards. This was a big gig for Mx2 Studio, and I wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly. I met with Ekeyani, a producer for the event, on Bowery and filmed the commercial. Mike McHugh, a man who was truly instrumental in booking stages across New York City for decades, was hosting, and I knew that he expected the best. It was a blur of cameras and lights and people, but we were making magic. I could feel it. After shooting the commercial which would ultimately promote the upcoming event, I met with the guy from Long Island a few blocks away. His name was also Mike, and he was a polished drummer. We hit it off immediately, talking about music and our shared love for Incubus. I knew that this was the real deal, and I was excited to take my journey as a frontman to the next level. As soon as we started playing, I knew that this was where I was meant to be.

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