As I sit in front of my television screen, controller in hand, I can feel the excitement building up inside of me. I had just purchased a Nintendo 64, and with it, a collection of every wrestling game ever made for it. But the one that truly holds a special place in my heart is WWF No Mercy. This game is the epitome of all wrestling video games and I was about to spend the next few nights playing it. The first thing that stands out about No Mercy is the character creation feature. It was unlike any other game of its time. You could create a wrestler from scratch, with their own signature moves, outfits, and even their own entrance music. It allowed for endless hours of fun. The game also featured a career mode, where you could create your own wrestler and work your way up through the ranks to become a champion. It was a thrilling experience, as you faced off against other wrestlers and worked your way up the ladder. The matches were intense, with intricate move sets and special finishing moves that left you on the edge of your seat. The game had endless replay value, and I spent countless nights trying to recreate scenes I had seen on TV growing up as a wrestling fan. I’d become aware of my fascination with nostalgia, and dove in head first.

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