As things continued to move forward with the Bud and Roach Show, I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to be back on stage. The high of performing was something that I couldn’t get enough of, and I knew that I needed to feel that rush again. When the opportunity arose to perform at Revolution, formerly Ollie’s Point, alongside the boys of Morning View, I jumped at the chance. The thought of being back in front of a crowd, with the stage lights shining down on me, made my heart race with excitement. I couldn’t wait to sing, even if only Incubus songs, to a cheering crowd, feeling the energy of the music as it flowed through me. As we prepared for the show, I felt myself getting more and more excited, like a kid on Christmas morning. When the night of the show finally arrived, I was buzzing with anticipation. As we took the stage and the crowd roared, I felt my ego inflate with every moment of direct eye contact made with someone in the crowd. The feeling of the beer in my hand, getting drunker by the minute, only added to what I considered the authenticity of the performance. As I sang my heart out to the familiar lyrics of Incubus songs, I could feel the energy of the crowd pulsing through me. It was like a drug, filling me with a high that I couldn’t get enough of. Even though the songs were just covers, the feeling of being on stage and performing for a crowd was something that I craved. The night flew by in a blur of lights and music, and before I knew it, the show was over. As I walked off stage, my heart still racing with excitement, I knew that I had to make music a main focus once again. The stage was where I belonged, and I couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to feel the rush of performing.

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