Mirror The Codes

Throughout this process of enlightenment, I found myself gravitating toward the healing power of 395Hz, Nicola Tesla’s 3-6-9 code. It’s a simple and relaxing frequency that allows me to tap into parts of my mind that are tucked away most days, and it was essential in my writing process. Lately, I’ve been tapping into this frequency for meditative purposes, and instead of writing, I focus on my thoughts. In an almost astral projection-like state, I remove myself from my body, and analyze my behaviors and actions from an outside point of view. Doing this allows me to see who I really am, without the ego, and understand where life is taking me. I had become far too accustomed to accepting the energy around me, and my inability to work well within a situation that depleted my spirit from every angle left me in a constant state of confusion and depression. But now, every day I wake up and plug back into the game, I thank God for the clarity that I’ve been given in allowing me to understand the magnitude of every second. Hindsight now comes quicker than ever before, and I’m able to see God’s reasoning at a much faster rate, which allows me to accept my blessings without hesitation. Sometimes, these blessings come in soul form, and the universe realigns you with people who have also transcended this matrix. People who are able to mirror the codes that you have already cracked, and move with power in a game designed for fear. I’m looking at my reflection, and see much more than myself. We will no longer be limited to the patterns and beliefs of others, nor will we accept ourselves as players in the same game. There are levels to this, and it reaches far beyond the scope of any material possession. Knowing this, I feel truly blessed to not just be exactly who I am at this moment, but for those who I see standing beside me.

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