Making Up For Lost Time

My brother and I were getting a lot closer. With Sunday Night Screenings running, and consistent gigs booked, I was in a creative position that afforded me VIP treatment at certain locations, and I took every opportunity to share that success with those around me. Showing my brother the life I was living meant the world to me, and the support I was receiving made it possible to accomplish the things I set out to do. Being an artist himself, we shared a common interest in the thought of being successful creatives. If nothing else, there was no lack of motivation. His presence back in New York made a huge impact on my life, and I used my small success stories to justify our time spent apart. I couldn’t be who I am had anything in life been different, so our appreciation for the past equally matched our enthusiasm for the future. After a long night of performances and networking, we took a trip to a Japanese Cuisine and chased beer with sake. We were creating new memories in honor of the old, and enjoying our journey as brothers making up for lost time.

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