Mad Dog And Mr. Showtime

I remember the day I left the “special” IS 383 like it was yesterday. The school that catered to the “Gifted and Talented” had no room for my entrepreneurial spirit, which manifested in selling Warhead candies to fellow students. The administration showed me the door, and I found myself at my zone school, right alongside my friend Alonzo. We lived next door to each other, a fact that only served to strengthen our bond. Alonzo’s family, the Taylors, were always up to date with the latest gaming systems. It was the release of WWF WarZone that marked a turning point in our lives. The game allowed us to create our own wrestlers, providing an escape from the real world into a realm of our own design. Zo became Mad Dog, and I adopted the persona of Mr. Showtime, a name that would come to define me for years to come. Our passion for wrestling didn’t stay confined to the game console. When the Basement Federation was shut down by the church, Alonzo and I took our wrestling alter-egos to the real world, fighting it out in the hallway. With adrenaline coursing through our veins, we grappled and slammed one another, always striving to claim victory. Lorenzo, Alonzo’s brother, joined our matches, injecting a raw intensity that left its mark on the battered hallway floor. The management had no choice but to replace the tiles, forever erasing the physical traces of our epic battles. But the memories live on, as vivid as ever. Angel, my brother, decided to raise the stakes even higher. Inspired by the idea of ladder matches, he incorporated the rooftop staircase into our wrestling arena. The risks we took only fueled our passion, and we pushed the limits of our physical abilities. On one fateful day, the wind carried the sound of Alonzo’s skull crashing against a cracked tile in a botched powerbomb. That moment, forever etched in my memory, serves as a testament to the lengths we were willing to go in pursuit of our dreams. Our days of wrestling in that hallway are long gone, but the spirit of Mr. Showtime and Mad Dog live on. We found solace in the fantasy world of wrestling, but it was our unwavering friendship that provided the foundation for our eventual success.

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