I drank nonstop, playing Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Otis” over and over – an ode to Watch The Throne. It was one of the few things that calmed me as I started to slip into insanity, realizing the reality of my situation. My marriage with Brenna was in bad shape, and I had to consistently check myself as a reminder that Brittany, while captivating in every way possible, was a business associate whom I was developing a friendship with. No matter how close I could be to her, I could not be her, and the thought of having my knowledge and skills mixed with her looks and talent seemed like a Frankenstein-like character designed to become a global superstar. I spent my nights around the company of strangers, whom I’d invite to my dark, desolate room. I reverted to old habits, using sex as a sport, ashamed at myself for not remembering the name of the person I was penetrating. On a Saturday morning, a day when the exterminator would make a visit forcing me to move all of my furniture around, I would make my way to Purfek Storm Group HQ to meet with Storm for a meeting. I boarded the train in Harlem and began making my way downtown. As the train pulled into 14th Street, my phone began to ring. It was Storm, and he was telling me that my house just burned down. In complete shock, I headed back uptown as quickly as I could to see what had just occurred. As I exited the train station blocks away, I could hear the fire trucks and see the lights flashing. My heart racing, I walked toward the building and saw my window busted open, and smoke slowly pouring out. I started to laugh, which I’m sure to the people around me was suspicious. But I was just in complete shock, and I chose to laugh instead of cry. As I made my way upstairs, I realized that everything in the apartment was destroyed. My computer, which held many episodes of the Bud and Roach Show, my videos of Roach TV, everything was gone. I made my way to the bathroom and noticed my guitar in the tub. Asking around, nobody in the room claimed responsibility for saving my guitar from the fire. So I picked it up, headed to the liquor store, and purchased a small bottle of Hennessy before making my way back downtown. Once I reached the office, which was now half empty, Storm offered me the opportunity to stay with him in New Jersey, at his mansion-sized home. Having exhausted my welcome with everyone in New York, I gathered what survived the fire, and left everything else behind.

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