Look What You've Done

It was a typical night at ZirZamin. The crowd was buzzing with excitement, and I was ready to take the stage once again. As the host of the LIVE! Residency, I was used to being in the spotlight, but tonight felt different. There were a few last-minute cancelations, which meant there were open slots on the bill. I saw this as an opportunity to showcase my own musical talent. I grabbed my guitar and headed toward the stage. The small crowd cheered as I stepped up to the microphone. I felt a sense of power and control wash over me, fueled by the PBRs I had been drinking all night. I was in my element, and I knew that this was my moment to shine. As I began to play, the crowd grew silent. They were captivated by my music, and I felt like a true rockstar. The energy in the room was electric, and I fed off of it, allowing my ego to take over. I played song after song, each one better than the last. The crowd cheered and applauded, and I felt that I had truly dominated the stage. After my set, I finalized the broadcast before making my way back to the bar, feeling invincible. The night was still young, and I knew that I had many more opportunities to take the stage and showcase my talents. I was used to being in the public eye, but tonight had been different. As I drank my PBRs and basked in the glow of my own success, I continued to fuel a delusion that would come crashing down on me soon enough.

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