Long Distance Support System

Brenna started making regular trips to New Jersey, spending weekends with me at Storm’s house as we rebuilt the Purfek Storm empire. Having a support system, even a long distance one, was essential in helping me mentally get through this process. Storm’s house was at the top of a steep hill, and the separation between me and society was getting the better of me. I’d spend my nights working diligently on new ideas, mixing Vodka with juice Storm would buy at the supermarket. I masked my personal issues as much as I could, but the amount of alcohol I was drinking made it difficult to keep my motions in check. I would pour myself a cup, head downstairs to the private movie theater next to the recording studio in Storm’s basement, and watch Entourage on the big screen until tears streamed down my face. I thought I was Vinny Chase. I thought that was me on the big screen, and being in the presence of a powerful man in the entertainment business felt like having Ari Gold on my side. I would stumble my way upstairs, barely able to speak, and thank Storm for believing in me. He knew I was drunk, but he graciously allowed me the dignity of not mentioning it. On the small sofa bed that graced the corner of the office room I slept in, I would lay with Brenna, wondering if the gamble I made with my life would pay off.

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