Locked In A Groove

It was a huge shift. As my previous employment had ended, I found myself at a new job in the heart of the Financial District, a far cry from the methadone clinics and heroin needle filled streets of Mott Haven. By day 3, I had become so overwhelmed by the universe, that I’d fight the tears back while patrolling the property. Having spent 15 years of my life in an alcohol-infused free fall, I had never allowed myself the opportunity to appreciate having a job, especially in a climate where the sight of migrants flooding the street looking for work has become second nature. This is gainful employment, with many opportunities for growth. The value of steady work can not be understated, and I understand the other side all too well. I was always odd-job Al, and used my talents and abilities to thrive as much as possible as a freelancer. Even when creating companies out of thin air, my inability to focus often left these pursuits unfinished, or lackluster. I find a sense of focus now that I haven’t felt in a long time, knowing that I will be able to eat, and feed others. The transition in careers came at the most opportune moment, and I try my best to silence the noise and simply be in the moment. It’s imperative that I master this part of myself, because while I understand that the foundation I’ve laid down grants truth to the fact that my life can completely change at any given moment, it’s the consistency and discipline in keeping myself to this schedule that is training me for the next part of my life. Upon achieving the success that I’m pursuing, my daily tasks would have to be broken down into itineraries, and strictly followed to a fault. These small steps I take everyday in bettering myself are truly making all the difference, and I know that if I continue down this road, something amazing is waiting for me on the other side.

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