The buzz of excitement was palpable as I walked into “The Post” for another day of setting up the backroom with Nard and Pat. This basketball gym in Brooklyn, which I had seen countless times in passing, was now the birthplace of our new venture, A Bridge Podcast, Season 2. The gym itself still smelled of sweat and determination, the hardwood floors echoing the sounds of countless games and memories. However, the backroom we had chosen as our makeshift studio held an entirely different kind of energy – one of creativity, anticipation, and renewed purpose. As we entered the room, I took a moment to survey the space. It was a fairly sizable area with high ceilings and stark white walls that would soon be transformed by our makeshift production set. The first order of business was to set up our green screen. We had purchased several green blankets for this purpose, knowing that they would be an affordable yet effective way to create a professional-looking backdrop for our podcast. Nard and Pat eagerly grabbed the blankets and began to pin them to the wall using thumbtacks. We took great care to ensure the fabric was stretched tight and wrinkle-free, providing a seamless canvas for our digital backgrounds. The green screen was a perfect contrast to the white walls, immediately adding a sense of depth and professionalism to the room. Next, we unpacked our three HD webcams and began the process of rigging them inside OBS Studio. I used my OBS Packs to build the production template, ensuring that our podcast would be visually captivating and engaging. Despite the webcams not being top-of-the-line, their image quality was more than enough for our needs. As Nard and Pat focused on adjusting the cameras, I set up our USB microphones. They might have been cheap, but they would serve us well as we embarked on this new journey together. Once everything was in place, we tested the sound and video quality, making sure all our equipment was functioning properly. I turned my attention to our newly designed website for A Bridge Podcast and used Patreon as our platform for distribution. We decided on a membership tier system that would grant users early access to upcoming episodes, giving our most dedicated fans something extra to look forward to. While I had initially been hesitant about taking on a producer role, the thrill of creating something new and exciting with Nard and Pat had reignited my passion for the craft of live television production.

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