Live From Scholez Street

Walking through the familiar streets of Bushwick, I could feel the energy pulsing through me. It had been a short while since I had been back in the neighborhood, but it felt like I never left. As I approached S. Street Media, I couldn’t help but think about the visual plan I had previously sent over. The green and black walls, the same ones that I had designed in Photoshop, now stood before me in real life. It was surreal to see my creation brought to life, and I was amazed by both Math and Sosa. As I stepped inside, the sound of buzzing equipment filled the air. The familiar sight of cameras, microphones, and computers greeted me, and I felt a rush of excitement. Alonzo was already there, deep in conversation with Math and Sosa. They were discussing their plans for the future, and I could tell that they were driven by a shared passion for their work. I joined in, eager to contribute to their ideas. We spent hours discussing new projects, brainstorming ways to expand the network of businesses under the S. Street Media umbrella. As we got down to business, I began to show them the OBS presentations I had created for each show under the umbrella. They were impressed by the quality of my work, and I could sense a growing appreciation for my skills. I wasn’t on payroll, but I felt like I was part of the team, and that was enough for me. I knew that new opportunities would present themselves if I kept pushing forward, and for now, I was just happy to be in the presence of hardworking, like-minded individuals who shared a common goal. S. Street Media gave me a place to not only concentrate, but drink in the comfort of privacy, which I didn’t hold back on. They knew I abused alcohol, and every day I’d walk into the studio, I’d have a plastic bag of goodies in my hands. But my work was solid, and my alcoholism had yet to rub anyone the wrong way, as it inevitably has in every other relationship in my life.

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