It’s easy to confuse the experience of working at Guitar Center with the experience of being a customer. You’re surrounded by musical instruments all day long, and solos came pouring out of the guitar section like thunder in a rainstorm. I quickly worked my way up to management, taking over the “Accessories” department. Management meetings required morning meetings, which would I would come to find difficult to balance alongside my daily habits. I would save enough money to move into an apartment in Queens, far from the reach of anyone willing to come to see me. Deep in Fresh Meadows, even the commute to work was a headache, as you needed public transportation just to reach public transportation. It was the living room of a man’s apartment, which I separated with a curtain for privacy. His days were spent in his room, video chatting with his fiance back in China, and I pretty much had the run of the apartment. The sofa I slept on made it difficult to find any real comfort, but I was on time with my payments, and I began to feel independent. My work at Guitar Center began to improve, and I became one of the top performers on staff, capitalizing off of monthly sales bonuses while learning the ins and outs of top tier equipment.

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