Let's Try Again

As I sat in my home studio, the lingering energy from the small success of “The Light” fueled my desire to create more music. My heart thumped with excitement as I recalled the countless ideas and projects I had accumulated over the years. The time had finally come to revisit those unfinished pieces and breathe new life into them. I opened my Logic Pro X folder, revealing the multitude of sessions I had saved over time. It was like stepping into a time capsule, each project representing a unique phase of my life. The emotions came flooding back as I clicked through the folders, remembering moments of inspiration and hope, contrasted with the darker days of struggle and self-doubt. Nonetheless, each session represented a piece of my story and my growth as an artist. Feeling reinvigorated, I picked up my phone and reached out to my cousin Cheez, eager to share my vision. “I have an idea for an album we could drop,” I texted him. “I have the old sessions. It’s time we gave them the attention they deserve.” Cheez’s response was instantaneous, his enthusiasm mirroring mine. We discussed the concept for our debut EP, which we would title “Here Comes The Rain.” Our goal was to create a project that showcased our growth and encapsulated our musical journey. Trimming down the track list from 15 to just 6 songs, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We would have to re-record vocals and polish the production, taking advantage of our updated toolkit and advanced knowledge of sonics to craft a unique and captivating sound. Every day, I delved into the depths of those old Logic sessions, chipping away at the imperfections and bringing out the hidden potential of each track. With every tweak and adjustment, I could feel the weight of my past dissipating, as though the music itself was a key to unlocking the freedom I had long sought. Each evening, Cheez and I would exchange ideas, bouncing them back and forth as we sculpted our project. It was a thrilling time, our creative synergy stronger than ever. We had always known that our partnership as Kal and King was more than just a simple EDM act. We possessed something unique, a distinct sound and style that would set us apart. As “Here Comes The Rain” began to take shape, I couldn’t help but marvel at how far I had come. The shackles of alcohol that once restrained me had vanished, leaving me free to explore the vast universe within my mind.

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