Let's Go To The Bar

Alonzo and I were always looking for the next big thing, something that would set us apart from the rest. We had been brainstorming for days, but nothing seemed to stick. So, we decided to take a break and head to Pine Box Rock Shop, a local bar that always had a lively atmosphere. As we entered the bar, the sounds of rock music blasted through the speakers and the dim lighting gave off a cozy, intimate vibe. We made our way to the bar, ordered our drinks, and took a seat in the corner. We were surrounded by a mix of people, some deep in conversation, others enjoying the arcades that sat next to the bathroom doors. As we sipped our drinks, we couldn’t help but feel stuck. We had no idea where to go next. But then, as if a switch went off, a brilliant idea hit us. We could film interviews right here, at this bar. It was perfect. We could capture the raw energy of the people and the atmosphere. We immediately looked at each other, both of us knowing that we had struck gold. Without hesitation, we approached the owners of the bar and pitched them our idea. To our surprise, they were more than happy to allow us to film there. We wasted no time in filling slots for the following day, reaching out to friends and acquaintances who were willing to share their stories on camera. As we sat at the bar, surrounded by the sounds and smells of Bushwick, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement. This was our chance to do something unique, something that would set us apart. And with the help of Pine Box Rock Shop, we were on our way to making it happen.

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