Let's Do That Again

After that first drink at Gonzalez Gonzalez, I started going out more often. I was always looking for an excuse to drink and have a good time. I would go out with friends, coworkers, and even people I barely knew. I gravitated more towards alcohol than beer, and I loved mixing different types of drinks. It made me feel like a connoisseur of sorts, and I thought it was cool to know what went into each drink. I was still working as a truck driver for Frito Lay, and I would often have money in my pocket. I felt like I was being responsible by earning a living and providing for myself, but the truth was that I was spending most of my money on alcohol. I would go out and buy drinks for myself and others, just to show off and feel like the life of the party. I loved the attention that came with being the wild one, the one who was willing to drink more than anyone else. Even the people from my church started to see that I was a bit wilder than they initially thought. It was like I was rebelling against the strict rules and regulations that I had been brought up with. Drinking allowed me to come out of my shell and be someone else, even if it was just for a few hours. But as time went on, I was losing control. I would wake up with a headache and a feeling of regret, wondering what I had done the night before. I started to see the negative effects that alcohol was having on my life, both physically and mentally, but I was only getting started.

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