The sun had barely risen when I walked out of the hotel lobby, exhausted and disoriented after yet another night shift. My body begged for rest, but I had promised Danny Garcia that I’d help him and Jan Eckhard at their presentation. Sipping my coffee and puffing on a cigarette, I stumbled through the streets of New York City, my head still buried in a haze of sleeplessness. Rain fell like an unrelenting metronome, soaking my clothes and drenching my very soul. Umbrella-less and weary, I sought refuge at the High Line, hoping that the long, elevated walkway would clear my thoughts and energize me. The storm had emptied the usually crowded path, leaving me to navigate the rain-slicked walkways and contemplative silence. Cold metal benches lay soaked beneath a slate-grey sky, their surfaces pooling water as if to mirror the tears of the city. I couldn’t sit, so I paced back and forth, considering the stories that I would need to write for Dominate The Globe. As the rain seeped into my bones, I thought about the journey that had brought me to this moment. Anthony Ramos’ rise to stardom echoed in my head, a constant reminder of my own ambitions and vulnerabilities. Would people see me as weak, pitiful, or a failure when I bared my soul to them? Anxiety welled up within me, and I obsessed over how to frame my past without making myself seem pathetic. But it had happened. It was a part of me. And it deserved to be shared. The rain slowed to a drizzle as I trudged onward to the venue, the city’s damp breath clinging to my skin. I pushed through the presentation, fighting the weight of exhaustion that threatened to pull me under. During breaks, I’d sneak away to quiet corners, greedily snatching any moment of rest I could. Each time my eyes closed, however briefly, I was reminded of the mistake I’d made in accepting this gig. Money was my master, and I had bowed to its whims, sacrificing my well-being in the process. This, too, would become part of my story, a tale of the battle between ambition and self-preservation. As I walked out of the venue and into the fading light, I knew that something needed to change. I would pour myself into Dominate The Globe, committing to authenticity and vulnerability, even when it made me uncomfortable.

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