2023 was quite the year, and by all accounts, it was probably the most important year of my life. Through one of the most tumultuous situations I’ve ever faced, I managed to maintain my sobriety, and even more importantly, I listened to the universe as it removed me from situations that were detrimental to my progress and mental well-being. I remember my days in the empty furniture warehouse, wallowing in the misery that the drastic changes in my life had brought on, not fully understanding the scope of why things happened the way that they happened. Going from spending every single day for the past 5 years with my daughter, to seeing her once or twice a day on Facetime was one of the biggest hurdles that I had to overcome. But with hindsight comes clarity, and I’ve managed to not only find my footing, but put myself in a position to achieve what I was sent to this earth to do. My circle has gotten significantly smaller, and rightfully so. I’m more protective of my energy now then I’ve ever been before, and with a clear, open lane in front of me, I put my foot on the gas pedal and used every ounce of horsepower within me to propel this entity called King Roach to new heights. I’m not for everyone, and as much as I miss the physical interactions that I took for granted during my many years of alcoholism, I’m now fully aware that less is indeed more. The handful of friends that I have, I consider family. The ones that I let go are now distant associates that I love from afar. My love is unconditional, but it doesn’t guarantee that I have to like you as an individual. In fact, I’d prefer to keep my distance from those that I do love in this way, as I’ve come to see every interaction with them as another fork in the road, with both paths leading me nowhere fast. I’ve consistently opted to maintain the position of the “bigger person”, and place all emphasis on my ability to work towards the status of a guru; one who is unfazed by the bickering of normal societal standards. But as the new year approaches, I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. 1 full-length triple album, a barrage of motion pictures in development, my return to the big screen, and most importantly, a new year as a single father doing everything and anything to ensure that his daughter grows up with all the advantages in life that I didn’t get as a kid. These are the things that I’m manifesting, and whether or not the world comes to read my life story, whether or not the world ever listens to one of my records or watches one of my movies, it will not change the fact that to be who I’m destined to become, I have to leave the world behind. My time is no longer “on it’s way”. My time is now, and I’m grabbing the bull by the horns, and going after everything that I want from this realm.

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