Latin Clubs and XD Graphics

My boy Ricky and I shared a deep love for Radiohead, a bond that would lead to many listening sessions in his basement apartment. You see, Ricky is a DJ and his eclectic taste in music not only served for moments of inspiration but has allowed him to host various events over the years. On this particular day, he was to pick up flyers for an upcoming boat party he was planning and asked if I wanted to take the ride. After agreeing, we get in his car and headed over to an office space where an introduction was made that open up the entertainment world to me. As I walk inside this obscure office space, I meet Maury and Coy, owners of XD Graphic Studio and LatinClubs, a designer and promoter duo that would teach me the art of making something from nothing. They quickly took to me, and I became the 3rd member at the office, making cash for designs, and learning the craft from professionals. Maury was and is to this day, one of the best graphic designers I’ve ever seen, and I wasn’t the only one who knew of his professionalism. His rolodex of celebrity clients continued to wow me every day I worked baside him, which ultimately led to my first encounter with “the industry”.

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