La Familia De Cinema

Every now and then, I would go to Sunday Night Screenings to experience it as a spectator. More often than not, the Durans were represented by more than JD. With Pale Blue Light in the editing process, we increased our contacts and promoted the upcoming pilot through the use of this internal networking tool. Gizzi’s was our playground, and controlling every aspect of the event’s production meant we can run commercials as often as we’d like. The importance of a trailer is often underestimated. Hollywood-level production studios work tirelessly in creating these miniature ad videos designed to generate interest on a mass scale for their upcoming release. But when you’re built for this life, then it’s just called “work”. Eddy was the example. Delivering a high-quality product was the set standard, and the aura around us drew people closer. “Who are these guys?”. “Look what they’re doing”. It was clear to see that our team was operating on another level, and we made the most of every opportunity that presented itself. We were becoming family, and moving accordingly. Understanding the caliber of individuals I was surrounding myself with, I worked the room like I never left.

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