We weren’t naive to the situation. Without our sister Angie, we would have never secured the apartment on Hart Street. Her relationship with the landlord is what allowed us to bypass the typical move-in process. She would make her presence known every now and then, stopping by to see how the apartment is looking. Regardless of our love for pro wrestling, we didn’t damage the apartment as expected. Our damage was internal, and day drinking seemed a lot different when the sun is shining in. For the first time, I finally had a place that felt like home. I spent mornings sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes in our private backyard, contemplating my next move. I spent evenings drinking beer and eating hotdogs and burgers. You don’t realize it as it’s happening, but comfort can be as conducive to creativity as hardship. I allowed my boredom to be a conduit, and it was time for me to execute my next big plan in life, starting a company. With no business training, I registered my first LLC, using my knowledge of cameras and editing to start making money on my own. The tug of war between my on-stage persona and behind-the-scenes roles led me to believe that I would become my company’s star client, and so I tested camera equipment that would best suit my personal needs. Little did I know of the roller coaster I was boarding.

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