My days are a whirlwind of excitement, juggling client work and pursuing my personal ambitions. As I near the final stages of developing an online school for a client, my attention span dances chaotically in my mind. The demands of my upcoming #PutTheBottleDown podcasting summer tour, with four appearances already booked, have me burning the midnight oil to bring GDPTV to life. But amidst this flurry of activity, there is one project that holds a special place in my heart—Sunday Night Screenings. Sunday Night Screenings is not just an ordinary venture; it is a unique concept that embodies the essence of its origin story. The experience it provides both filmmakers and movie lovers is nothing short of extraordinary. And with the recent launch of “SheLovesBattleRap,” I’ve discovered that tapping into promotion-based niche markets is a much smoother process compared to the cutthroat world of independent film. It’s a revelation that becomes crystal clear as I immerse myself in crafting the third official VR experience for the GDPTV network—SLAM Global. SLAM Global carries a deeper significance for me. Longtime followers of my journey would know that I had initially launched the “Slam Global Network” during a drunken binge that led nowhere. My attempts to revive the project under the banners of “American Wrestle” and later “Roach TV Wrestling Reviews” were met with cease and desist notices due to content infringement. My battles with alcoholism seemed to sabotage every endeavor I pursued, including my involvement with IWW and writing for Pro Wrestling Post. The wrestling industry, the very industry I longed to be accepted by, always seemed just out of my reach. But now, things have changed. I’ve absorbed every lesson learned along the way, using them to craft a masterpiece—a remarkable experience that will unify the independent wrestling market under one roof. Welcome to a five-floor, forty-eight screen facility, where every Tuesday at 8 PM ET, new matches from over a hundred independent wrestling promotions across the globe will be showcased. This is no longer a fragmented collection of videos; all the content is embedded directly from the promotions’ official YouTube channels, addressing the issues I faced with Roach TV. Words fail to capture the overwhelming sense of accomplishment I feel as I stand atop the highest floor, donning my VR headset, surveying the world I have meticulously constructed. It’s like stepping into a retro video game, reminiscent of being a created character in WWF No Mercy for N64. The nostalgia and anticipation fill the air as I bask in the realization of a dream fulfilled. This world is mine, and I am ready to share it with you.

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