I'ma Do What It Takes

Acceptance is a beautiful thing. The way I feel right now, with the hurricane of emotions that I’ve recently experienced, is unprecedented. The veil has been lifted, and all I see in front of me is opportunity. Opportunity to do what I’ve been destined to do since birth, and change the trajectory of my bloodline. This position I find myself in does not come without heavy responsibility and burden. The simple fact that I’ve worked diligently to maintain my sobriety throughout this process is proof enough. There are days when an ice cold beer would do wonders for how I feel, but instead, I find myself locked inside of a small bedroom, blasting music in my headphones, planning the execution of plans that I have created throughout my journey in life and in the entertainment business. After a long talk with my mentor, Storm, this morning, I’ve been quickly reminded that I am exactly where I should be, and exactly who I need to be to accomplish the next part of my journey. I’ve never held back on self-deprecation, as it is through this tone of speaking that I’ve been able to project my life story to the world without sounding egotistical. But the very fact that I’m aware of this only further enforces the radical self-belief that I have in myself. I stand on stage alongside a crowd that is beginning to believe, and as I stand on the precipice of what can only be described as superstardom, I watch as their hands reach up toward me, while mine reach up toward the light. My eyes have begun to adjust to the brightness above me, and instead of waving and screaming, I stand tall and still, and watch as a guiding hand from above leans downward, and lifts me up. I’ve been waiting my entire life to feel how I felt waking up today. Boundless. Shapeless. And with an open road ahead of me, watch how quickly I’ll propel myself to the next level of life. If I love you, then you will always be in my heart. Rest assured, I will remember you. But now it’s my time, and believe me, I’m going to do what it takes.

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