I'm Still Here

There was a time in my life when all seemed lost. The world had seemed to fall on my head once again, and my ego caused an internal depression; a conflict between understanding the value of patience, and having to fight to obtain it. The fear that I had experienced was manifested in my own mind, and the lack of control I realized I had over the world at large made it difficult for me to move effectively in anything I was trying to accomplish. It seems as though the further I move away from who I was, the more I’ve grown to love that person. The person that I was has taught me the most valuable lessons in life, and has taken enough care of me for this message to be shared with the world. But I don’t need him anymore. I love him from far, like a distance silhouette drifting away inside of a growing fog, waving goodbye to me. He served his purpose, and left enough room for me to grow to the heights I was destined for. My daughter’s love reminds me that every single day, I am blessed. I’m blessed to be alive. I’m blessed to be Alex Montanez. I’m blessed to have created King Roach, and make the choices that I’ve made in my life. The love that I feel is so powerful, that it has removed all of the negative frequencies which once plagued my vibrations. This story isn’t solely mine, as there is a higher power authoring this journey through me, and I’ve come to have a true love and appreciation for everyone who has impacted my journey. I’m working diligently on making the updated blog as sleek and effective as it needs to be, because this story will be told, and as long as I stay toward the light, nothing is going to stop me.

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