If You're Reading This

It’s never too late to enjoy, but it might be too late to get involved. These thoughts echoed in my mind as I reflected on the changes within my immediate circle. Over the years, my tumultuous journey had strained relationships and left me with a smaller, tighter-knit group of individuals. It was understandable, though. I had made amends with those who mattered most, and now, my focus had shifted to what was best for my business. With Dominate The Globe as the driving force behind my ambitions, I had never felt more confident about the path I was on. Last night, I dedicated my time to finalizing the details of my content production scheduling. As a firm believer in the power of virtual reality, I made a conscious decision to curate content for three distinct niche markets while also producing content in-house. To effectively convey my intentions and showcase my dedication, I set out to revamp my Instagram profile. I created a series of striking graphics that became the Story Highlights, providing a clear message to anyone who stumbled upon my profile: I was not messing around. Every post, every story, and every update was meticulously crafted to leave no doubt about what I was doing, when and where it could be seen, and how viewers could show their support. But amidst all the progress, I realized there was something missing—an essential element that had played a pivotal role in propelling me to where I stood creatively: the Bud and Roach Show. Alonzo, my partner in crime, had moved away from Brooklyn, and our physical interactions had become scarce. We had reached a point in our lives where peace was paramount, and I didn’t want to disrupt that delicate balance. Driven by determination, I seized my iPad and downloaded Instagram, exploring ways to make the Bud and Roach Show a live, marketable experience using the app’s own capabilities. After a successful test run, I knew I had found the solution. Without hesitation, I spread the message: “Mondays 8 PM ET, we’re back.” Such a simple declaration held immense power. It signified the convergence of all the pieces in the grand puzzle I had been constructing. The big picture was finally coming into focus, revealing its true form—an empire built upon passion and perseverance.

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