I sat across from the former guest of “Good Morning Bushwick,” my mind wandering aimlessly as he pitched me on his proposition. A six-pack of Heineken bottles sat next to me on the sofa, each one disappearing rapidly as I mindlessly drank my way through the meeting. The weight of my responsibilities pressed down on me heavily, making it difficult to focus on anything other than the constant pressure that seemed to follow me wherever I went. I couldn’t shake the constant worry that I felt about my family and the financial burden that I carried. Every penny I earned felt like it was slipping through my fingers, and the thought of not being able to provide for my loved ones was a constant source of anxiety. Bud and Roach Show was a much-needed escape, but it was hard to keep up the facade of a carefree radio host when I felt like I was drowning in my own problems. The situation with my father only added to my stress. It was a constant battle to keep my own addiction at bay while watching him struggle with his own demons. I wanted to help him, to be there for him, but it was hard to see past my own pain and frustration. As the former guest continued his pitch, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of disconnect from the situation. It was as if I was watching from the outside, detached and uninterested. He offered to take me to meet associates and business partners, but even that didn’t pique my interest. I knew deep down that he was just trying to profit off of me in any way he could. But as we entered S. Street Media, I felt a shift in the atmosphere. The two owners, Math and Sosa, made eye contact with me, and in that moment, we shared a silent understanding. They knew what this meeting was about, and I knew that I hadn’t seen the last of them. As we left the meeting, I knew that I needed to focus on my own goals and dreams, rather than letting others try to profit off of my talent and hard work. The beer bottles clinked in my hand as I made my way back to my car, feeling the weight of the world slowly lift off of my shoulders.

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