Yesterday, after a long day at work, I hurried back to my home, eager to tackle the backlog of projects that had accumulated during my personal crisis. I had finally reached a state of inner peace and stability, and I was ready to catch up on everything I had neglected. But before I could dive into my work, I realized that I needed to do some laundry first. Without wasting any time, I grabbed my bag of dirty clothes and dashed across the street to the laundromat, a place that evoked many memories of the woman who had stood by me through thick and thin. We used to sit outside near the parking lot, savoring a small bottle of Hennessy while we waited for our clothes to be washed and dried. But yesterday, as I watched my clothes spin in the machines, cleansing them of all the impurities that had stained them, I crossed the street again and headed to the park, in the dark of night, for a workout session. As I pushed my body to its limits, I felt a surge of energy coursing through my veins, and after the session, I took a long walk around the block, circling the park as I talked to God in prayer. As I opened my heart to the universe, I was struck by profound insights that added another layer of clarity to my mind. I realized that I HAD to go back to the very place where I first lost my connection with God, my mother’s house, in order to rekindle this new and growing relationship. I also realized that my life would come full circle: I would end up in a crisp, fitted suit and tie, on stage, in front of a microphone, receiving a standing ovation. Although my life was far from that of a religious leader, my life had put me through various trials and tribulations, all for the purpose of shaping me into the person I am today. Without these challenges, my focus would have always been scattered, and I would have been stuck in a perpetual loop of “what ifs”. But now, there are no more “what ifs” in my life. I know exactly what I want, how I want it, and instead of asking “when”, I trust the process. It has taken me my whole life to reach this point of trust and understanding, and my ability to remain calm in difficult situations has allowed me to move forward with a sense of structure that most people only dream of. So with this knowledge, I know exactly what is happening. Now, it is time for the money, a by-product of my unwavering belief in myself and the work that I have done. And when it comes, so will the life I have always dreamed of. Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. Well, I have been punched in the face many times, and I am still standing, so now it is your turn. When you realize who I really am, and why I am the way that I am, then you will see how true my love is. I am getting ready for my “suit and tie” moment, and I will show you a few things.

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